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  • Neon Play sign for Zynga headquarters in San Francisco
  • Welcome Hut for Zynga Headquarters in San Francisco
  • Prop Styling - Old Phone, Clock for Zynga
  • Mirror for Zynga
  • Signs for Zynga Wide Angle View
  • Elevator Graphics at Zynga
  • Zynga Coffee Shop Facade
  • Starburst Mural in Zynga Bike Storage
  • Monarch Lounge Entrance
  • Zynga-Chevron-Set-Building
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  • Exploratorium Zoetrope
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one hand is really many hands


One Hat One Hand is a one-stop shop for all your production needs. We  provide a variety of custom services for our clients. With a versatile crew of specialists, our 25,000 sq feet of shop space, plus our amazing assortment of toys and tools, we have the capability of creating almost anything you can imagine.

Grey Poupon "Bus Stop"

Production Design

We are a full service production company, meaning we can take your project from inception to clean-up. Whether for television, video, commercials, or photo shoots, we design, build, install, decorate, and strike.  


Prop Rental

We provide daily and weekly rental options for your production. -walls -windows -floors -props -costumes Please call for more information on selection, availability and rates.


Set Decorating

We have experienced and visionary set decorators on hand to help you get the look you're after, whether you know exactly what that is or need a little input.


Set Design

A set is like a world within a world. Our designers work with your creative team to manifest the perfect world for your production. We provide renderings, sketches, and inspirational photo sheets for your video, commercial, photo shoot, movie, or stage set.

Stan Musilek One Hat One Hand Set Design

Set Construction

Our 20,000 sq ft shop is fully equipped for construction projects large & small. We once built an airport right here in Bayview. To discuss your project, contact us.            

Scene2 Fabrication


We specialize in producing unique, creative, sometimes bizarre works of art and design for both form and function. We have fabricated a broad range of custom projects, from large scale to miniature, from sleek and modern to rustic period pieces, and we love the challenge.

painting with feathers and colored paint

Paint Department

Our scenic painters, faux finishers, and all-around pigment and texture experts work within our fully equipped, full size, on-site industrial spray booth. In the rare circumstance that your project does not fit in our 12 x 24ft booth, our Bayview warehouse is large enough that we can custom build one for you. Check out the automotive finish we applied to a large container unit we converted for Ouya in our Case Studies section.  

Sparks fly as tok leans over and welds a metal table

Metal Shop

We have a fully-equipped metal shop complete with a CNC plasma system where our talented metalworkers design, cut, grind, rivet, weld, solder, twist, and bend the stuff to your specs.

A Crank Driven Zoetropic photo display

Wood Shop

Here at One Hat One Hand, we make full use of our wood shop. Our skilled craftspeople are experienced carpenters, finish workers, furniture and cabinet makers. We combine experience and artistry to meet your needs.    

brent pulling apart 3d router cut shopbot very good

CNC Routing

A CNC router uses a "Computer Numerical Control" system to direct cutting with absolute precision. This mechanized precision makes it possible to create extraordinarily intricate designs in wood, aluminum and acrylic*. Such detailed custom routing options would not be feasible without a CNC router. *note that our Metal Shop houses a CNC plasma system.      



We have a keen understanding of tight deadlines and tighter budgets- experience that goes a long way towards making your event as great-looking, interactive, engaging, and memorable as possible. We have designed, fabricated, delivered, and installed all manner of semi-permanent installations for a variety of festivals and events in the western United States.



A big event needs to make a big visual statement. We have produced bold and elaborate archways for festival entrances. We've made outdoor art galleries, unique shade structures, and entire villages for guests to walk around in. We have built snack shacks, beer bars, coffee counters, VIP lounges, forts, water stations, stages, carnival games, and picnic benches. If it's big, crazy, and unbelievable, if it has moving parts and seems impossible, we can do it. *Check out our portfolio to see our past projects.

Cirque Du Soleil Infiniti Event Decor

Corporate Events

Visual branding must be front and center at a corporate event. Whether showcasing a new product or just rewarding loyal clientele, it's crucial that you put your company's special stamp on it. Let us fabricate giant pendant lights with your company's glowing logo, or a monumental version of your product on display as a backdrop for the unveiling speech. Maybe you'd prefer a handcrafted bar, party island, or photo-op pirate ship. We can make your event memorable by building a spectacle, designing and building the tent, or adding the finishing touches like signs and light fixtures. Think big. We can do it.


Professional Interiors

These days, it's not just about having a great product. Shops, restaurants, and bars use seductive interior design to attract customers. If the atmosphere has ambiance and character, they'll want to come back with their friends. We have created eye-catching display counters made from upcycled materials, a swanky backlit entryway for a nightclub, hip murals for interior walls, a chandelier made of antique trumpets and tubas, shelves, light fixtures, and mobiles. We love building and installing functional art that people can enjoy time and again when visiting or working in a retail or professional interior. Let us in on your idea. We can realize your perfect place.

Neon Play sign and Welcome Desk with Starburst Mural for Zynga headquarters in San Francisco

Sign Making

We combine handcrafted carpentry skills with modern technology to create one-of-a-kind custom signs, crafted to meet specific goals and aesthetics for our clients.


Multi Media Signage

Imagine a sign with lights and moving parts. We can do that. Metal, wood, LED, neon, motors, we can implement anything necessary to attract attention to your business.


Metal signs

From marquees to can-lit signs, we fabricate metal signs using the talents of our skilled metal workers and the capabilities of our state of the art metal shop.

Zynga Coffee Shop Facade

Wood Cut Signs

Wood signs invoke the aesthetic sensibilities of days gone by, and the community and craftsmanship that implies- a classic way to display your logo, theme, business name, or event.


Lighted Signs

Our lighting engineers create works of art that deliver a message. We can create a lighted sign for your needs in tungsten, LED, or neon.

Outside Lands

Hand Painted Signs

Our sign painters are as particular about color, font, and finish as you are. We can work with you to make your sign feel truly reflective of your product, business, or event.

Brent computer screens 3d cad shopbot

3D Modeling

Our  in-house designers keep up-to-date with all current rendering applications. We can develop the look of your product, set, or installation using state of the art technology to fully realize your vision.



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  • Hailey

    Hailey Gaiser

    Hailey Gaiser is an artist/designer who works as a contract scenic painter, fabricator, and faux finisher for 1Hat1Hand.  She also commissions custom murals and creative interiors, designed specifically for each client.  After the day job comes the life’s work, and may that well never dry. www.haileygaiser.com


  • Dallas Swindle
    Dallas Swindle

    Dallas Swindle

    We’re not sure how Dallas ended up at One Hat One Hand, we came in to work one morning and there he was, all swaddled up on the doorstep, a full-grown man somehow crammed into a basket. We took him in, and the shop has never been the same. Dallas’ skill set runs the gamut, from 3D modeling and programming to welding, fabrication and heavy equipment operation. He currently runs the Metal Shop and has been a wonderful addition to our business.

  • Bunnie (Bonnie) Reiss
    Bunnie (Bonnie) Reiss

    Bunnie (Bonnie) Reiss

    Is a painter, quilter, collector and lover of all things old and new. She spends much of her time educating young, little minds on the importance of art in the world, and building large installations, stages, quilts and murals that live simultaneously in the past and present. Her studio is nestled in  a small artist community in Oakland called Jingletown, and you are welcome and encouraged to stop by anytime. She received her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in May 2011. Please visit her website for more information and latest projects:www.landofbunnie.com

  • andrew

    Andrew Coslow

    When he isn’t enjoying a sunny day on his sailboat,  Andrew focuses his persnickety eye on One Hat One Hand projects. He’s a ShopBot whisperer, SketchUp wrangler and a project leader. He loves building stuff with his friends and appreciates them every single day. He wishes he was riding a bicycle right now, probably with a brownie in his mouth.


  • HC 1h1h
    HC 1h1h

    Christian Cummings


    Christian Cummings


    (AKA Handsome Chris)


    has been a fabricator and set builder with One Hat One Hand for since 2011.


    He has been a rigger and operator with Black Rock City’s DPW Heavy Machinery Crew since 2003.


    He also writes, arranges, and plays in The Bodice Rippers, a cabaret-punk-blues band.

     You can check them out here.

  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner

    Ben Turner

    Benjamin Turner has been working with One Hat One Hand since 2009, and is skilled in general fabrication techniques including carpentry, metalwork, painting, and textiles.  Benjamin also takes on private art commissions designing stage backdrops, interactive art pieces, and murals.  You can see some of his recent projects at http://monkeybenturner.weebly.com/fabricationdesign.html  In addition to his building and design experience, he has other surprising skills including partner acrobatics, Thai massage, and piloting a light-sport aircraft.

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson

    Erin Johnson

    ‘Erin was part of the crew before One Hat One Hand was even realized. He’s a builder and a dreamer and a really good friend.’

    Erin Johnson is a co-creator, realizer-of-visualizations and dreams, doer-fixer-dreamer-builder-facilitator-organizer.  He has been helping to design and build  with One Hat One Hand since the beginning.

    Erin has a passion for hard work, a playful attitude and an earnest love of community projects.  He often says that working at One Hat One Hand is “the best job on earth,” because of the family that runs and operates it.Beyond One Hat One Hand, Erin is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern who specializes in mindfulness based  Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology.

  • Melvin, side profile, ladder, working
    Melvin, side profile, ladder, working

    Melvin Occasio

    Melvin’s life dream is to paint stripes on the sides of fishing boats in Greece and own a toothbrush store. Until then, he’s a master painter for all types of sets. He also likes to surf.

  • gabe operating the mechanical garden
    gabe operating the mechanical garden

    Gabe Shaughnessy

    Gabe is a web developer and visual artist. He made this website you are currently viewing. He also makes interactive installations that use a seamless blend of analog and digital techniques. You can check out some of his artwork here.

  • Tyler Hanson
    Tyler Hanson

    Tyler Hanson

    Tyler is a producer and visionary. He also likes to make people laugh. By the way, he’s running for mayor. Voting takes place sporadically at One Hat One Hand headquarters. Come on by!

  • Thirteen

    Erin Meyer (13)

    Erin is a designer, fabricator, problem solver, builder and 2-bit-carpenter, with roots in fashion design, styling, wardrobe, and merchandising. She co-owns a jewelry company called Sullivan and Webb. She also, cooks, cleans and walks in heels.

  • David Gantz
    David Gantz

    Dave Gantz

    David Gantz is a 2d and 3d artist, filmmaker and musician. He has a BFA in painting and an MFA in computer animation. David has over 10 years of production experience in theater, games, and advertising.

  • Jesse Wilson
    Jesse Wilson

    Jesse Wilson

    Jesse, aka “Roadkill”, is a very talented artist with a unique twist. She arrives anywhere with a fabulous voice and soul. Watch out!

  • Claire Mack
    Claire Mack

    Claire Mack

    Claire owns Miss Mack, a production, design, and prop company. She collaborates with One Hat One Hand frequently and is an absolute pleasure to be around.

  • Joe Martin aka Joe Joe
    Joe Martin aka Joe Joe

    Joe Martin aka JoeJoe

    Joe Martin (also known as JoeJoe) is a computer engineer based in Oakland, CA.  Specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom circuitry for lighting and physical computing, JoeJoe has worked with One HatOne Hand on various crazy endeavors such as a 6-story tall vending machine for Doritos and two architectural lighting pieces for Infiniti/Cirque du Soleil.  He is also the co-founder of Lumigeek, an engineering company which designs and rapidly implements bleeding-edge LED solutions for clients around the world.

  • Jessy Brown
    Jessy Brown

    Jessy Brown

    Is an Independent Visual Design Consultant who works with One Hat One Hand on various projects involving 
    set dressing, set design, set building, faux finishing, props, production managing and event coordination. She
    also has a personal aesthetics line called FoxTale Fanny, which features her handmade jewelry collection
    which is conjured and assembled within her studio at the One Hat One Hand building.
    Check out her website: www.StorytellingThoughStyle.com for further exploration of her work.
  • Brent Anderson
    Brent Anderson

    Brent Anderson

    Brent is skilled in Bot Jockey, Numbers, 3d – Modeling, Fabrication, Large Scale Sculpture, and Project Management. He recently got married to the love of his life who also makes beautiful things.

  • Piper

    Piper Rovin

    Is a freelance scenic artist and finish master. With 16+years experience working in the field


    and a background in fine art.


    Piper is a mobile gypsy scenic shop, with all the equipment and skill to complete any finish


    All high-end spray finishes, faux finishes, antiquing, plaster, sculpting, casting & sign




    Always on the move to improve on her knowledge base and skill set, she also dabbles in


    personal dwellings, furniture restoration and construction. Her ongoing obsession is mobile


    homes and classic vans


    The Rovin Scenic-Independent creative insomniac www.piperrovin.com

  • Marcus

    Marcus Guillard

    Marcus is the proud owner and facilitator of One Hat One Hand along with Chris Ray, his trusty partner. He loves what he does.

  • chrisray

    Chrisray Collins

    Chrisray is the proud owner and facilitator of One Hat One Hand along with Marcus, his trusty partner. Chris Ray also loves what he does.





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Bare Escentuals

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Teatro Zinzanni

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Cirque De Soleil

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