Peralta Junction

Inspired by our carnival midway, M.T. Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights, Peralta Junction was born of the desire to collaborate with our community.

Inspired by the traveling carnivals of the 1920s and 30s, this pop-up spectacle occupied an empty lot in the half-industrial, half-residential neighborhood of West Oakland for two months in the fall of 2012, and featured a large performance stage, a carnival midway, vendor booths, and a tented area for visitors to sit in the shade and enjoy delectables from the surrounding food trucks.

We wanted to bring M.T. Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities & Delights back to the public, so we conjured up this throwback carnival/bazaar in cahoots with Commonplace Productions, who helped secure the lot space and manage PR, among other things.

Conceived, designed, built, installed, staffed, produced, coordinated by One Hat One Hand with additional art direction and production management by Jessy Brown of Storytelling Through Style.