One Hat One Hand | Experience Design and Fabrication Studio



We’re Equal Parts
Hat & Hand.

The Hat is Creativity

One Hat One Hand is an interdisciplinary design and fabrication studio specializing in experiential storytelling.

We optimize brands for emotional impact with interior design, branded exhibitions and interactive art installations.

One Hat One Hand specializes in the design and fabrication of public art, architectural placemaking, product prototyping and experiential design.

The Hand is Craft

Craft and Creativity. Makers of Magic.

Welcome to
One Hat One Hand.

We start with what we’re solving for.

No matter the end result, we always begin the same

Asking all the questions and head first in research. Who’s the audience? Their needs? What works for this space? Which materials and tech are best? We arrive at answers by culling our collective knowledge and know-how.

We go wide to build the bigger story.

With a Hat full of ideas, we concept and sketch

We develop a strong strategy and narrative for your space/place/object/experience. As our legacy’s in theater and set design, there’s always, always a story.

When Creative is solidified, we move into Craft.

Art or architectural, it’s test, test, test first

Bringing any big idea into reality begins with rapid prototyping and 3D renders, testing, solving, back to the drawing board, refinement, final direction.

Now we get our Hands dirty. Really dirty.

We approach each build with precision

Because every detail is exactly what matters. With a handcrafted approach, from pure fabrication to tech integration, every process, every material demands equal attention.

We guarantee One of these things is not like the other.

We leverage many minds, backgrounds, varying viewpoints.

That’s what makes us OHOH. We’re a unique cast of characters, with a set of clear beliefs. Hey in fact, we’ll shake on it.

Lookin' for a hand? Reach out, let's get to work.