A design and fabrication studio in San Francisco

One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication studio. Our staff includes skilled designers, project managers, craftspeople and talented artists. With a combined 35,000 square feet in our design studio and fabrication facility, we have the capability of creating custom elements for extraordinary environments. We take pride in the talents and creative skills of our team and we work hard to produce seemingly impossible installations through thoughtful design, hands-on fabrication, and technology integration.


Our treehouse offices perch high above the shop, where our designers imagine, sketch, model, and render in Rhino, Grasshopper, CAD and SketchUp.  One Hat One Hand’s original 25,000 square foot studio is equipped for wood fabrication, metal work, painting and finishing. 

We have another entire 10,000 square foot facility around the corner, which houses our finishing department and electronics lab. 


By engaging a large community of local artists and sharing the process of large scale production with the talent that surrounds them, Chrisray and Marcus have brought together a team that can bring your idea to life.