Artist in Residence

submission deadline July 24th 2015 • final selection chosen first week of August


One Hat One Hand is a custom design & fabrication company straddling the intersection of manufacturing and art in San Francisco’s Bayview district. This crew of intrepid makers operates out of their 22,000 sq ft. warehouse along the slough by the Bay. Our roots as artists and makers has brought together a diverse smattering of individuals each with their own insight and talents to design, build, and create.


A full 2-month long residency offering emerging and established artists alike the chance to live and create in a space dedicated to quality design, ideation, and community. The program grants artists access to facilities equipped with full wood, metal, and paint shops, a CNC router, full-sized spray booth, and innumerable other resources. In addition to access to tools and materials, artists have an opportunity to plug into One Hat One Hand fabrication projects of a greater undertaking and to work with experienced professionals.

We hope to unite artists that are inspired by our space and materials on hand with opportunities to explore new mediums and build a body of work to be shown in an exhibition at the end of their stay.


One Hat One Hand aspires to promote creative expression and resourcefulness; to foster connections, and offer opportunities for discovery.

We aim to provide lodging and uninterrupted workspace as well as the tools and resources necessary to explore creativity and advance new work.


  • 2 month long session beginning in early September, start date to be determined by individual’s scheduling needs
  • quirky on-site living accommodations for $300 per month

if this is cost prohibitive, we encourage you to submit a proposal for fee to be waived

  • studio space of your own
  • $2000 stipend for duration of stay
  • access to on-site vehicles ((with proof of clean driving record))
  • potential for paid-work opportunities with our team of fabricators & designers
  • artist reception at the end of residence to showcase work completed during term

tools & resources available:

-CNC router

-vinyl cutter

-flatbed scanner

-digital projector

-laserjet printer

-on site wifi

open access to:

-wood shop

-metal shop

-sewing studio

-paint shop with full-sized spray booth

-surplus materials from fabrication shops

access by appointment to:

-mentorship & consultation with in-house designers & engineers


  • emerging and established artists from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
  • visual artists interested in creating a body of work inspired by surplus materials on hand

due to the time commitment of this residency (24 or more studio hours per week) we suggest this is not an ideal fit for artists currently enrolled in education programs or with substantial job responsibilities for the duration of the residency

-this program is currently designed to support a single artist per season, but is open to collaborative proposals


  • no less than 24 hours per week spent in studio
  • communication of process and timelines of work, demonstrated by participation in 2 critiques throughout
  • works completed during residence to be presented at Open House Artist Showcase at the end of term
  • minimum one piece of completed work to remain with One Hat One Hand for permanent collection



The ideal candidate is passionate about learning new skills and creating work, is self-directed and curious by nature, and is invigorated by community.


  • selections made based on quality and content of past work, as well as expression of inspiration and intent

-submissions reviewed by panel of judges made up of members of the One Hat One Hand in-house team & outside arts professionals from the Bay Area

-finalists selected from first round to be invited for shop tour and in-person interview to determine final award selection

-artists from second round of interviews will be notified the first week of August of final selection.


admissions accepted until July 24th 2015

a full application includes each of the following:

  • documentation of recent work
  • curriculum vitae
  • $30 processing fee
  • a letter of interest addressing the following:

who you are | what you do | where you are from | what inspires you | describe your process, tools, & equipment necessary

what is your shop/collaborative experience?

project proposals are accepted but not required. Our vision is open ended; we hope to connect with artists that are inspired by the space and materials that are available. We encourage residents to explore our facilities and materials before fully determining project(s). *please limit proposals to one page*

  • email applications in zip file to
  • application fee can be paid with checks or credit cards

checks made out to: One Hat One Hand with AIR Application on the memo line

and mailed to 1335 Yosemite Avenue, San Francisco CA 94124

  • for credit card payment, please email the above address for a CC authorization form.