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Many Hats, Many Hands

We handle your project from Concept, to Design, into Fabrication, and through Implementation. While we prefer to work with you from the start, we are also more than comfortable to assist with your project at any step along this timeline. Explore our range.


Any project we take on is a balance of many moving parts between various stakeholders and collaborators. From estimating to permitting, your project will have dedicated management spanning each phase.

Estimating & Budgeting

Strategy & Scheduling

Project & Construction Management

  • — Stakeholder Engagement
  • — Subcontractor & Vendor Management
  • — Permitting, Compliance, Inspections
  • — Quality Assurance
  • — Maintenance Contracting


We work with key stakeholders to conduct research in order to arrive at a clear narrative for your project.

Research & Development

Site Survey

Previsualization (AR/VR)


Once the concept is fully solidified, the Design phase establishes the path forward. From digital rendering to compliance, we ensure seamless fabrication and implementation.

Digital Rendering

  • — Digital Site Survey
  • — 3D Modeling & Parametric Design

Interior Design

  • — Procurement & Acquisitions

Rapid Prototyping

Integrated Technology

  • — Digital Content
  • — Interactive Design
  • — Lighting Design
  • — Electrical Schematic
  • — Circuit Design & Prototyping


With our 40,000 sq ft facility, we fabricate in a variety of physical materials, and leverage time honored craft and cutting edge technologies to bring your project to realization.

Material Fabrication

  • — Mill Works
  • — Certified Structural Metal Work

Foam & Plastics

  • — Sculptural Foam Carving
  • — Plastics Thermoforming
  • — Mold-making and Rotocasting

Digital Fabrication

  • — CNC Cutting and Milling
  • — Large Format 3D Printing
  • — Laser Cutting & Etching

Integrated Technology

  • — Custom Lighting
  • — Kinetics and Mechanical
  • — Audio Visual

Finishing Fabrication

  • — Scenic Faux Finishes
  • — Polyurea Hard Coating
  • — Automotive & Industrial Finishes


And the final step in your project is im- plementing on site, from white glove installation, to tech integration – your project isn’t complete until it’s in place and tested.

On-site Construction & GC Services