Since 2013, One Hat One Hand has created a number of signature elements for Salesforce’s San Francisco event, Dreamforce.  Working with GPJ and Salesforce, One Hat One Hand fashioned oversized props, including large tablets, phones, and watches.  

For the ‘Internet of Things’ facet of the Dreamforce Conference, One Hat One Hand produced a 6ft game controller, an 8 ft light bulb, and an oversized thermostat.  In 2015, One Hat One Hand designed and fabricated a massive working laptop stage that was used for demonstrations.

Each year, One Hat One Hand has worked to keep continuity in design. These oversized display elements offer the ability to evaluate software on current devices. After the annual conference, One Hat One Hand packs up all the pieces and hits the road, installing the devices in various cities across the globe for the Salesforce World Tour.