Lending Club

One of our most visually compelling projects, the interactive led wall we created for Lending Club showcases a variety of our skill sets. Interactivity is the newest wish-list item for many clients, both in their advertising as well as permanent installations in offices. From responsive video to story-telling content, companies have grown to expect something more from visual media.

We were approached by a contractor with a high-profile client in a downtown office who wanted something big. Something no one else had, that would showcase their uniqueness within the marketplace. These type of initiatives are the things that build brand recognition and create customer engagement and loyalty, which is the real wish-list item for every modern business. It was a huge project, and we were certainly up to the challenge.

Bright, colorful, interactive, and branded. We worked closely with the contractor to design something that would fit within both their building and their budget. Hours of R&D were poured into find the right materials, lights, cameras, controllers, and mounting systems that would ensure a great finished product that would ‘just work’.

We experimented with many types of LEDs and diffusers before settling on high-watt sequenced RGBs covered with spherical diffusion caps. Our crew painstakingly set and wired over 2400 individual bulbs. The next step was creating color separation within the light grid, so we started running MDF through our router to see what might work. Several shapes and depths were tried, until we had a sloping square that the light would fill but not bleed out of.

The client wanted the wall to be inconspicuous until it was activated by people walking past — it needed to look like a plain white glass wall. The glass part wasn’t hard, but finding an acrylic and diffusion material that would hide the light grid but still give clear color shining through. . . that was tougher. We ended up combining frosted and clear acrylic under the glass, with a diffusion layer sandwiched between, to give the look we were after.