Marine Layer

Marine Layer is a California-based brand known for it’s super soft and stylish clothing. As they expand into a national company, they have teamed up with One Hat One Hand to create custom retail displays in their new locations.

To go with their modern, minimalist designs, we created store displays that highlight the clothes and accessories with simple polished woodgrain slats. Our point of sale area highlights their mural logo. Floor-to-ceiling racks were their solution to fitting their “back of house” storage onto the floor in a small, boutique location, so we decided to explore classic joinery techniques to create a look that compliments the high quality of the clothing.

The sleek, solid maple fixtures are fabricated using fine cabinetry techniques for a professional look of heirloom quality. Our custom designed shelving and rack system allows for plenty of flexibility to change up the display styles, while retaining a high-end appearance.