San Francisco Arts Commission

The San Francisco Arts Commission, established in 1932, is a national trailblazer in ensuring that all city residents, workers, and visitors have access to world-class art in everyday settings. Inspired by the Works Progress Administration’s employment of artists in the service to the community in the 1930’s, this program was so successful that it became a model for similar programs throughout the US.

As part of their charter, the SFAC curates permanent art installations at the San Francisco International Airport. Thanks to Justine Topfer, One Hat One Hand had the honor to collaborate and build two iconic pieces that now reside in the SFO terminals.

Our first project was a mural by Kota Ezawa, a Japanese-German artist and educator based in the Bay Area. Influenced by Mondrian’s color block style, his artwork recreates the famous photo of the Beatles exiting their jet, arriving in America for the first time. One Hat One Hand was tasked with enlarging this design into a 20 foot tall dimensional mural.

Our most recent collaboration was with Leah Rosenberg, a local multi-media artist and the Creative Director of the Color Factory. Her design was developed into a 27ft wide wall of colored stripes based on photographs of the city. The interlocking wood and acrylic bars were entirely hand painted and filled a whole shipping container. The piece was carefully fabricated to assemble seamlessly onsite.

Now part of the city’s permanent collection, these artworks have an audience of travelers from all over the world.

custom fine art mural
colorful mural
rosenberg SFO mural color map
giant indoor mural art