TedTalks showcases some of the most talented and influential thinkers to a wide network of people, encouraging outside-of-the-box ideas. So when TedTalks wanted an eye-catching backdrop for their annual event at IBM here in San Francisco, we wanted to create something unique and innovative.

This year’s theme is “Why Not?” and focuses on the intersection of technology and humanity. Working with George P Johnson, we designed and built a 20′ high wall covered in giant custom-made acrylic ‘bubbles’ that were brought to life with projected imagery during the event. We carefully assembled the backdrop armature at our shop, which took up almost the entire length of our floor. Each bubble was hand cut and precisely positioned to give the illusion of free floating spheres.

The most challenging aspect of the design was creating a bracket system that would allow for quick set-up and take-down onsite. Each aspect was carefully planned to ensure that the installation went without a hitch. The addition of the VR component was the final touch: projection mapped and flooded with color, the overall look was a fluid field of bubbles moving organically across the stage.

For the full effect, you can stream the event on the IBM TedTalks page.