Post-Processing & Finishing

Development – If you are unsure of what finish you would like to see on your parts we will produce samples so that you can ensure that you are going to receive parts that look exactly as you want. In addition, we can create unique custom finishes just for your project.

Post-Processing – Some materials will come off of the machine with edges that need sanding for consumer applications. We can smooth all of the edges so your parts are ready for handling.

Final Finish Application – We can perform your production finishing work with a variety of options. Some of these include:

  • Paint – Many options of paint are available in a variety of sheens, colors, and effects.
  • Stain – Oil based stains and alcohol dyes can be employed to achieve almost any color imaginable. Effects can be achieved through various methods. For example, pickling and ebonizing will create beautiful rustic looks.
  • Sealers – If you want to maintain the natural look of your material we can simply seal it. We use a variety of products that will deeply enhance the natural beauty of your materials.
  • Powder Coating – For metals that are machined, we can have parts powdercoated for a beautiful and durable finish. Many colors and textures are available. We can also laser etch through this coating to create graphic effects on your parts.
  • Laser and CNC Router Etching – We can engrave graphic elements on your parts using v-bits or small diameter bits. Laser etching is also available for graphic elements that are desired on your parts. Laser etching resolution can be set to as high as 1200 DPI.
Pricing Structure