Black Lives Matter

We decry our country’s history of violence, corruption, and racism that continues to oppress the Black community. We honor the power and resistance of Black communities and stand with people of color across the US and the globe. We must use our voice to help drive change and support the path to healing.

We have been reflecting on how to use our business’ platform to respond to the most recent examples of police brutality and institutionalized racism- how can we enact non-optical allyship? As we have been listening to those who are more informed, we are engaging in conversations with each other and are working to contribute in new and meaningful ways. We must speak out against the continued violence that has been waged against people of color.

As a business, we understand that we have a responsibility to amplify messages, devote resources, and engage in long-term work. We are deeply concerned for our friends, for our communities, and for our country’s future. One Hat One Hand is a business founded and managed by two white males; we are examining our structure and business practices to take deliberate action towards a more equitable workplace. We need to do better.

Being part of the Bayview neighborhood for over 12 years, we see more clearly than ever that there is more we can do to listen to our neighbors and turn our focus to ways we can contribute in our own backyard. We look to support the voices, livelihoods, and artwork of our local communities, using our skills and resources.

One Hat One Hand is donating to a select group of initiatives and organizations doing vital work to support communities of color and advance racial justice; this is the first step in many to come.

Thank you for reading. Please join us in supporting the lives of others. We hope to see you out in local protests. Image by