Climate Works Custom Furniture

This custom furniture piece is reminiscent of the skeletal structure of an animal, and was designed and built for Climate Works in collaboration with Beth Morris Architecture.  The compound curved shape was developed to fit their waiting area and echo their custom lighting fixtures, then parametric 3D modeling allowed us to prototype different types of materials and adjust the tolerances automatically.


The prototyping was essential to perfect tolerances in order to digitally fabricate this furniture piece that consists of several hundred unique pieces. Each piece was labeled and included internal connection details so that from the outside no hardware is visible.  The piece then was hand crafted to fine furniture finish for a truly stunning look


Due to the planning and modularity of the design and fabrication of this piece, installation was a breeze.  A short time of assembly and touch-up during off-hours, and the building tenants returned to a dazzling display in their lobby area.