From experience with Olly designing and building a modular trade show experience, One Hat One Hand collaborated with architecture firm Fennie+Mehl to build out two brand statement decor pieces for the Olly office in San Francisco, CA. The most dazzling piece was using Olly’s iconic logo to create a moss covered bench seating that paired with sleek, edge-lit shelving as an entryway moment.


These interior architecture elements were entirely custom-built by our skilled crafts-people in our San Francisco facility.  From innovative materials and digital fabrication to intricate metal work, no detail was left out of these for a stunning and long-lasting branded environment.  In-house styling and technology integration ensured that all built elements were a cohesive whole.


Nestled in a historic area of North Beach, the Olly office space is in a beautifully modernized loft of a historic brick building. Mindful of neighboring offices and storefronts, we detailed an installation plan that would minimize our impact as we installed. Off-hours and detailed work ensured that the employees of Olly could have a pleasant surprise when they arrived in their workspace.