The Public Spaces Conversations are an ongoing series of salon style discussions with planners, developers, architects and contractors about the changing face of public spaces.

Michael Masserman was most recently the Head of Global Policy & Strategy at Lyft, where he works on initiatives related to mobility as a service, autonomous vehicles, opening global markets, social impact, and smart cities. Michael was previously the Senior Director for Federal & International Government Relations where he built out Lyft’s Federal and Policy Partnerships teams. Prior to Lyft, Michael served as the Presidentially appointed Executive Director for Export Policy, Promotion & Strategy at the U.S. Department of Commerce. In that role, he lead Commerce and government-wide efforts to implement President Obama’s National Export Initiative to help U.S. businesses increase exports, expand into new markets, and compete globally. Prior to that role, he served as Director of the Office of Advisory Committees & Industry Engagement within the Department of Commerce, where he collaborated with hundreds of companies to advise the President and various Cabinet Members on the formulation and implementation of trade policies.

Mike joined us to talk about public space and civic spaces.  Please visit here to see the full interview soon after the editing process.