San Francisco Design Week Webinar: Moving Beyond Screens: Embedding Technology in Physical Spaces

In June 2020 we were chosen as one of the presenters for the first virtual SF Design Week. Teaming up with some of the greatest minds in the industry, we had an in-depth discussion of what the post-screen world looks like when it comes to technology integration.

The Speakers

  • Joty Dhaliwal, Director of Integrated Technology, One Hat One Hand 
  • Matt Hexemer, Executive Creative Director, Huge Inc 
  • Moderator: Anne-Marie Litak, One Hat One Hand

The Webinar

This webinar was an informal conversation between Joty Dhaliwal and Matt Hexemer about moving dynamic narratives traditionally expressed through screen based UX into spatial environments. It touched upon the nuances of designing in each of these environments. The current global pandemic has resulted in a surge in screen based interaction, as such we considered  what this has brought up for designers working between physical and virtual environments.