San Francisco Design Week: The Future of Public Space: Neighborhoods as a Multiverse

In June 2020 we were chosen as one of the presenters for the first virtual SF Design Week. Teaming up with some of the greatest minds in the industry, we discussed what public space will look like as modern post-shelter-in-place life continues.

The Speakers

  • John Bela – Founder, Gehl Studio
  • Anne-Marie Litak  – One Hat One Hand Placemaking Program Manager
  • Ruju Jasani – Formerly with Gensler
  • Marcus Guillard – Founder, One Hat One Hand

The Webinar

The current state of affairs have significantly altered our understanding of civic engagement, work, mobility, and the essential use of shared space. What can we learn from the ways in which folks are now sharing public and private spaces? What are the possible outcomes for our neighborhoods- in particular, how can community resilience and equity be designed into our streets and parks? Join a group of urbanists, makers, and architects to discuss the potential of our shared spaces, in which neighborhoods can be experienced as the multiverse.