San Francisco Design Week Webinar: VR to AR for Design Implementation

In June 2020 we were chosen as one of the presenters for the first virtual SF Design Week. Teaming up with some of the greatest minds in the industry, we put together an amazing discussion on the usage of AR and VR for prototyping and implementation.

The Speakers

  • Nicholas Moser – Account Director, One Hat One Hand
  • Rae Koshida – Designer, Stantec
  • Aubrey Tucker – Committee Chair, VR/AR Association AEC Committee
  • Moderator: Anne-Marie Litak, One Hat One Hand

The Webinar

In this webinar, we discussed the emerging workflow in architectural spaces to design in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for implementing designs, avoiding conflicts and creating design/build feedback loops.  Professionals from VRAR Association, Stantec and One Hat One Hand discuss current use cases for the combined workflow.