Twitter Lobby

This lobby feature creates interest and brightens the space, drawing people toward the reception desk.  The installation spanned the entire ceiling, necessitating 3D scans of the room in order to avoid conflicts with the utilities and structures.  Our parametric modeling allowed for rapid iteration of the designs to fit the requirements.  Materials studies of different types of rope and tensions settled on a final material matching aesthetics with functionality.


The process started with extensive material studies and scaled prototypes, working toward a full scale mock-up in our facility.  Custom bracketry was fabricated to hold the surprisingly massive amount of forces from the hundreds of ropes.  The bracketry needed to be sturdy yet appear invisible, while allowing for tolerances for onsite adjustment.  


The main difficulty for this installation is the creation of a perfect grid of lines in a space decades old that is not square or in plane, as well as features that are historic and needed to be avoided.  Digitally fabricated templates allowed us to take the 3D scan data and translate our model into the correct positioning for the final installation.