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CNC Routing & Laser Cutting Services

When complex and repeated shapes are needed, CNC machining and laser cutting are the perfect choice. We specialize in CNC cutting, design for manufacturing, prototyping, and finishing services. We work with a wide range of clients large and small, and we can not only cut your parts but we can help launch and produce your products.

We can do small runs of just a few parts or production runs of 1,000+ parts. We have made signs, custom furniture, cabinetry, architectural models, and more using our equipment. Our 5′ x 10′ 4-axis capabilities allows us to cut complex and organic shapes with a large work area. Our laser cutter has a 36” x 24” cutting bed and is a versatile and dynamic cutting and engraving tool, ready for your next project.


With both a CNC router and a laser cutter, the list of materials that can be cut and engraved is vast. We can cut hard and soft woods, rubbers and foams, plastics as well as FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, and much more. We can also machine non-ferrous metals including aluminum, brass, and copper. Some laser materials can only be etched and not cut. Please contact us if you are uncertain about your material being compatible with our machines.

Complete Materials List

CNC Cutting & File Preparation

This is our most basic service. You send us your files, we prepare them for CNC operations, and cut your desired quantity of parts. All we need to start are vector files for cutting or 3D files for carving. If you do not have design files ready we can help you prepare them for manufacturing. Once we have the designs complete we will setup your files for CNC programming. We will optimize all of the cut files for your specific needs, material type, and finish.

Preferred File Formats

Prototyping & DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

Clients who have an intention to produce a product at scale can take advantage of our DFM service. We specialize in getting you optimized and through your first production run(s). Our goal in the long run is to help you graduate to a contract manufacturer which enables production of tens of thousands of your parts. There are many areas we will focus upon to produce your project as efficiently and economically as possible. Learn more.

Post Processing & Finishing

In some cases you might want us to perform post-processing or finishing work on your parts. For many applications, parts are ready to be used right off of the machine. When a higher edge quality or surface finish is required we can assist you with a variety of options. Learn more.

Laser Cutting and Etching

Laser cutting and etching produce precise and stunning products on a variety of materials. When vector cutting, the laser will follow the vector graphic lines you provide while cutting with incredible precision. The laser beam is about the width of a human hair. This allows for very fine cuts. Assemblages, press-fits, and high tolerance integrating parts are easily produced with our laser cutter. When you want to create beautiful graphics and markings on many materials, our laser will produce up to 1200 DPI etchings over the full footprint of our laser table at 24” x 36”. We can use multiple modes for projects that require a variety of processes and laser intensities. We can cut, score, etch, 3D etch, create flexible joints, and much more with this versatile machine. Pricing structure.