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Let’s see a show of Hands

We approach from many viewpoints and work together in tandem – which leads to rich, hyper-creative solutions. Equal parts Puppeteers and TIG Welders, Fine Artists and Integrated Technologists, Sign Painters and Electricians. Meet the team.
Marcus Guillard Founding Partner - CCD
Chrisray Collins Founding Partner - COO
Jenn Fawcett CFO
Christian Cummings Production Manager
Joty Dee Director of Integrated Technology
Douglas Weigel Shop Supervisor
Wythe Bowart Finishing Manager
Melissa Soliman Accounting Manager
Takuro Hashitaka Metal Shop Lead
Garrett Party Corey CNC Mage
Kow Kao Designer - Project Manager
Eben Berg Designer - Project Manager
Jordan Scott Designer - Project Manager
Roary Racquel Fabricator
Hunter Mollenkopff Fabricator
Ben Turner Estimator
Mason Rothschild Head of Creative, LA
Nick Moser Accounts Manager
Jamie Bond Fabricator
Nicolette Landucci Designer
Eric Sanders Operations Manager
Dylan Gold Designer - Project Manager
Tito Pretel Lead Fabricator
Dan Gottwald Lead Fabricator
Jonathan Frederick Designer
Paulie Anne Duke Creative Producer
Aaron Markus Project Manager
Luke Galvin Lead Fabricator
Branden Remo Portman Designer
Randy Andreasen Maintenance Manager
Jay Kravitz Project Manager
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