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Creating positive impact during COVID-times

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At the start of the pandemic in 2020, just like everyone else, we had our concerns. And sometimes, the best way out is just getting to work: we had the opportunity to collaborate with the design firm Gehl and a covid testing startup, Curative, in order to design and develop a mobile structure that would simultaneously function as a testing lab while also being portable, easy to replicate, and quickly deployable. In our minds, it was a bit like combining a tiny house and a doctor’s office. We designed a walk-up testing kiosk that would serve 600 people in a day, augmenting drive-up testing facilities. To meet the specifications of Curative’s testing procedure, we designed, fabricated, and rapidly deployed prototypes to conduct live field testing, gather real time data, and iterate to a final product. Some specifics included eliminating cross-contamination; allowing for quick and easy sanitization; creating a test-taking interface that was informational and efficient; and, creating a medical testing site that felt approachable, safe, and calm.
There were various ergonomic considerations in building a serviceable, high-traffic public interface, while also creating a comfortable work environment. Each kiosk had heating and AC, as well as integrated audio systems, scanners, and computers. We constructed both the security door partitions and the roof to lay flat, so the kiosks could easily be transported and simply fold open; also, the mechanical assembly of the doors doubled as a patient partition and locking mechanism for security, as efficiency in materials and function was demanded.