Facebook Stories | One Hat One Hand
The Facebook Partner Center wanted to introduce the versatility of their Stories feature through an entertaining, interactive installation. The challenge: Bringing a purely digital experience into the real world so Facebook Stickers could be experienced in the real world. One Hat One Hat collaborated with artists Ellen Porteus & Giulia Giannini McGauran to bring their 2D concept to life. One Hat One Hand worked with Facebook team through interviews, sketching, 3D Modeling and interaction design to build a magical experience that engages guests while translating the in-app sticker feature to a real educational exhibit.
One Hat One Hand delivered a true multimedia and multi-disciplinary approach. This entire installation was built with only sustainable materials. This project demanded a high level of technical execution with a lot of handwork - engineering and digital fabrication, lighting design and finish carpentry, graphic design and scenic painting. This is where our team hit its stride- comfortable choreographing all the disparate systems to work in harmony. One of the most exciting parts of this installation was solving how the Stickers would float within the viewing frames. Using pneumatic air pistons and a hidden compressed air system that linked up to a control board, participants could seamlessly make Stickers appear by pressing a button and bringing these features into the frame. Each button has a sound, so One Hat One Hand devised a system that coordinated the lighting and sound design with the users actions.