Netflix Credenza | One Hat One Hand

An homage to the wonder of viewing

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One Hat One Hand designed and built a centerpiece credenza for Netflix. This showstopper is featured in their Studio headquarters VIP Lounge, a place where producers gather with creators who have been newly awarded a contract. One Hat One Hand delivered an exquisite artisan-crafted credenza merging New Vintage Mid-Century Modern integrated with the latest sound quality. The 1960s-era-inspired credenza has hidden flip panels and secret compartments that reveal as the user interacts with the unit.
One Hat One Hand’s signature artisan craft shines in this credenza by reclaiming these older, high quality objects, and making them new. The bubble screen TV uses rear view projection Thoughtful details such as a beautiful vintage amplifier with warm lights garners the respect of audiophiles. Complex wood forms and delicate Mid-Century Modern details were thoughtfully designed and implemented. The Netflix logo, a custom water cut fabrication, gleams as users reach to discover the secret whiskey compartment, sliding cabinets, pocket doors, flip down panels. Like flipping through bins of vintage records, this piece inspires wonder and delight.