Leah Rosenberg, SFAC | One Hat One Hand

City by the Bay meets Paint by Number

Everywhere a Color is a San Francisco International Airport installation by Leah Rosenberg, referencing the colors that people would see in San Francisco: The grays of Karl the Fog; International Orange of the Golden Gate Bridge; dark green for the dinosaur kale you’d find at a Farmer’s Market. We were thrilled to work on a permanent public art piece that’s a clever nod to the city we love, and one that’s on view for everyone coming through SFO. Leah chose the colors, and we selected materials, testing acrylics, mirrors, and other surfaces. After building a grid for the color layout, we systemized the build out of panels in readily available material in 3 common widths. From there, we planned how to prefabricate, disassemble and reassemble for the airport. Organization was key: cutting all pieces prior to expedite finishing; and creating a labeling system to keep track of hundreds of final pieces.
We knew installation at SFO would be complex, so we made a mockup of the airport wall in our studio to simulate the onsite conditions, – this way, we could build and dismantle in portable sections and troubleshoot any installation issues prior. In addition, airport requirements meant the piece had to be fire and seismic rated; stamped by an engineer; and meet archival standards.