Spur Social Media Activation | One Hat One Hand

Drive social media activation... Beep-beep!

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Spur came to One Hat One Hand to create a pop-up installation… in a van! Whether going to a desert, or a beach, or a downtown city event, we needed to devise an installation that would spark content creation, easily be set up and taken down and also stay intact while in transit. Our experienced team, from diverse backgrounds, brought their expertise in scenic design, festivals, furniture, tradeshows and technology to ensure the vehicle would be safe and fun as well as captivating and incredibly unique.
This project allowed us to develop a world-class method for kitting out a vehicle as an experiential popup. Our Metal Shop crew created a steel armature that we could attach all the electrical components to and then be slipped inside the back of the van. Our metal and wood fabricators incorporated complicated CNC bits custom-fabricated for this vehicle and the innovative use of high-gloss Alupanel® created a magical experience. Hand-sewn and hand-painted inflatables guaranteed a visual never seen before. We tip our hats and say Thank You for the collaboration to our partner Los Angeles vendor DuckLights who collaborated with us on this immersive experience using their proprietary LED bar lighting system. We were able to deepen our understanding about how these different addressable LEDs could be used in different arenas - whether for photo shoots or music videos, or concerts - and how we deviated by using them in a unique way.